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Rampada International Dermatology Clinic providing comprehensive skin services. European standard lasers certified by the US FDA many laser treatments for atrophic scars, Botox program, filler program with more than 13 years experience.

Why do you have to use services with Rampada?

  • Rampada Clinic It has been in service for more than 12 years, serving many customers both in Thailand and abroad.
  • We have received more than 60 awards to guarantee success over the past 12 years.
  • Provide service at a fair price ready to take care after service
  • There are more than 30,000+ cases

Doctor schedule

The medical schedule changes every month. Please make an appointment before receiving the service.

*Clinic is closed every Monday.


Our Popular Service


Ultraformer III is a MMFU technology “Super HIFU” High Intensity Focus Ultrasound that is FDA approved in more than 50 countries around the world. It’s certified for quality and safety by Food and Drug Administration of Europe (European CE), Australia (Australian TGA), Japan (Japan FDA), Korea and Thailand.

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Premium HA Filler Hyaluronic acid filler to fill in the skin layer that is beginning to deteriorate. Skin that has collapsed with age help reduce skin problems, deep wrinkles in various areas, make the facial skin smooth and youthful, making the skin glowing and delayed agin

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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin A is a pure, natural substance extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It’s commonly used in cosmetic surgery helps reduce wrinkles, reduce the muscles like jaw and calves. The botox injections are convenient and fast.

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The laser machine that comes with technology called “Picosecond” is the speed of laser energy that shoots the skin at a speed of 1 per trillionth of a second (One-trillionth of a second) which is a distinctive feature that will be used to deal with problems of blemishes, freckles, wrinkles or abnormalities caused by pigmentation.

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Get rid of excess fat with extreme cold technology at minus 11 degrees from the United States. Help break down fat under the skin. delivers freezing point coldness Into the fat layer subcutacns fat is highly safe because there is no surgery, no wounds, no pain, no recovery, certified by the US FDA.

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Our Service

Reduce wrinkles

Various wrinkles, thin lines or deep grooves from various factors (Botox, Deka Laser, Sylfirm, Pico)

Face Contour

Do facial contouring without surgery. Do by filler injections and MMFU , no scars, no downtime. You can continue with your normal life immediately.

Atrophic scars treatment

Good acne scar treatment should hurry as soon as possible from the start It will help acne holes heal faster with Ematrix and Subcision treatment.

Acne treatment

The clinic offers a variety of acne treatments to suit you such as acne extraction, Ozone Detox, Agnes, Clear Light and LDM .

Bright white

If you want to have white and clear skin, come this way with Redtouch, Pico, Clearlift and Meso white treatments to help your skin become white again.

Treat freckles

Girls who lack confidence from these problems. It can be solved with Pico, Gentle Max and Meso melasma treatments.


Safe, painless, harmless depilatory with the most advanced tools (Venus Velocity, Gentle Tag, Redtouch)

Remove tattoo

Effective tattoo removal without harming your skin with Pico treatment. You will have a smooth skin without tattoos again.

Remove black spots

Worried about the problem of dark spots on your face? BLT light energy therapy help the dark spots disappear. Stimulate skin cell turnover.


Effective elimination of excess fat Body safe (UltraShape, Coolsculting, MMFU, Meso Fat and Weight Loss Pen)


Vaginal tightening The Monalisa Touch method uses a world-class standard laser machine. used for more than 40 years.


Aternative medical science A new way to treat the disease Whether it’s pain muscle disease insomnia.


Providing various health check-up services such as allergies, immunity and Covid 19.

Lab inspection service

Various lab inspection services