Get rid of excess fat with extreme cold technology at minus 11 degrees from the United States. Help break down fat under the skin. delivers freezing point coldness Into the fat layer subcutacns fat is highly safe because there is no surgery, no wounds, no pain, no recovery, certified by the US FDA.

In just 35 minutes, excess fat can be dissolved safely without surgery. Dr. Rumpa has proven it.

Rampada Clinic has duo Cool sculpting Fat removal technology that gives excellent results. Can work at the same time in 2 positions, saving time and Rumpada Clinic has all the applicators can be done in every area for every curve of every shape.

Rumpada Clinic’s quality team has directly studied from ZELTIQ USA and has high experience.

Anyone interested in getting rid of fat effectively Cool sculpting welcome to Rampada Clinic.

Puppet trick negative cold

Isn’t it amazing? Dr. Rumpha, a mother of 3 children age number 5 with a pure body like this. with the world’s most advanced technology Coolsculpting and Ultrashape Power are the helpers.

with the mechanism of Coolsculpting that can remove excess fat with cold no surgery Effectively reduce excess fat in various parts of the body therefore responding to everyone who does not want to get hurt Including Dr. Rumpa. Above all, the most important factor is safety, wound-free and takes only 35 minutes.